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im in team view as well !info xtreme Package xtreme does not exist in trusty sorry Flat4ForLife, what version of ubuntu 14.04 Flat4ForLife, what game slackware Flat4ForLife, whats slackware ubuntu derivative do you have a better idea? Flat4ForLife, you're using the live cd/usb right now i cant press enter or run any command Flat4ForLife, try xev to see the keyboard symbols if I could press enter i would go back into the chat box i cant just leave you guys hanging like this Flat4ForLife, try this thanx bazhang bazhang: I was more or less looking for a helpful conversation. I don't know what people are supposed to find here. When I came to ask here, it was by chance. Flat4ForLife, xev lets you know which key is which i've been trying that I cant do anything the buttons are all greyed out Flat4ForLife, sure you can wtf i cant Flat4ForLife, we are waiting for you to try i did I can't press enter or anything i tried this xev thing that's how i found the keyboard nothing comes up



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